25 07 2010

I doubt anyone visits my blog anymore, unless it is to see come old Club Penguin stuff. If that’s the truth, hope you enjoy it!

I haven’t been on Club Penguin in at least a year in a half. It’s safe to say I’ve officially quit Club Penguin. My penguin (McMo11) is 1307 days old as of today.

All is well, though. My life is fine and I’ve been enjoying it. Club Penguin was fun while it lasted, although I did get on once yesterday. Many things have changed and I’d say it’s not as fun as it used to be. I’m a teen now and things like Facebook now take up my internet time.

Hope no one is too disappointed (:

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Thank you so much. Thanks for visiting my blog!



Not Member

15 08 2008

It’s official. Mcmo11 is no longer a member of Club Penguin.

BTW, I just got a new laptop, so I just might be on a tiny bit more often.


Dream Penguins are CLOSED.


13 07 2008

Hey guys. You might have noticed that I havn’t been updating my blog. To tell you the truth, I’ve probably gotten on Club Penguin once in the past week. Maybe I havn’t gotten on at all.

Anyway, the point is… I’m “quitting” Club Penguin. I am really, truthfully sorry.

Here are my reasons for quitting:

-Its just not fun anymore
-I’m getting a little old for it
-I never have the time to get on
-I never want to get on

I will still be getting on occasionally to check and see whats going on, and I will update my blog a couple of times as well. So keep checking back. My membership will end at the end of the month. I am not giving my penguin out to anyone.

I am not completely wiping CP from my life. I will still be checking back hopefully once weekly.

Once again, I am sorry. And I know I am going to upset some people. But I’ve been playing CP since 2006, and it’s my time to leave. Just because I am quitting, I do NOT want you to quit, too. If you still enjoy CP, keep playing. I don’t want this to ruin anyones Club Penguin experiance.




By the way, just writing this post has almost ruined my night. I really, really feel bad.

Water Party 2008

14 06 2008

Hey! The Water Party started Friday. I really don’t think this party is all that great. Club Penguin really needs to stop bringing back old items. It’s almost making me mad. Plus, the party is almost the exact same as it was last year. Sorry, but it’s not that impressive. Fun, yes. Anyway, here are the items, and other new things.

The yellow inflatable duck is at the cove.

The Ice Cream Apron is at the Plaza.

The Shell Necklace is the only new item at this party. You can get it at the beach.

Also, if you throw a snowball, it will be a water balloon instead.

There is also a new production at the stage named “The Penguins that Time Forgot”. Visit the stage to see it. This also means a new catalog!




New June Catalog and Pin

6 06 2008

A new catalog came out Friday. I have to say, it’s pretty cool. Anyway, here are the secrets.

The Viking Helmets are hidden on the Blue Flower FlipFlops. “X” off the Red Viking Helmet 3 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

The diver’s helmet is hidden on the Diver’s Suit.

The Cystal Staff is hidden on the Queen’s Crown.

The Woodman’s Hat is hidden on the Knight’s Armor.

And the last one that I have found is the Cheesey Necktie. It is hidden on the pocket of the Overalls.

And a new pin came out as well. It is an Ice Cream Cone. It is in the Forest.

Here are the new upcoming events (According to the Club Penguin Times):

The Water Party sounds like it’s going to be fun!


New Stuff

24 05 2008

Hey everyone! I am proud to announce that my blog has broken over 25,000 hits. I am EXTRMELY sorry I haven’t been able to get on for such a long time. I’ll talk more about that later. As some of you know, the Mid-Evil party on Club Penguin has begun. Here is everything you need to know about it.

A new pin came out recently, it is an Anvil. It is in the Boiler Room (Beneath the Dance Club).

First, you have to scroll over the basin of molten metal.

Then, it will pour into a mold and cool itself to form the pin.

There are 2 free items in this party.

The first free item is a Squire Tunic. You can find it at the Dock.

The second free item is a Wizard Hat. This was one of the Free Items in the Halloween Party in 2006. You can find it in the Lighthouse.

There is also a new room. You can get into the new room by going to the Forest and going up the stairs or going up the ladder.

Also, a new furniture catalog was released recently, and it is packed with Mid-Evil themed furniture. Here are the secrets in the catalog.

Palm Tree:

Coffee Shop Tree:

Plush Gray Chair:

Inflatable Dragon:


There was also a Puffle Catalog released, and there is a secret in it. Here it is:

Grey Puffle House:

Here are the Upcoming Events in Club Penguin, according to the Club Penguin Times:

May 23:

*New furniture catalog
*New pet catalog
*Medievil Igloo Contest starts
*New pin hidden

May 29:

*Writing contest winners announced
*Igloo contest winners annouced

May 30:

*Book Room stories published

June 6:

*New clothing catalog
*New pin hidden

I think that’s about it in Club Penguin right now.

Guys, I am SO sorry that I haven’t been getting on lately. I have been extremely busy with these end-of-the-schoolyear tests, sports, graduations, friends, going outside because the weather’s getting nicer, and so many other things that I could go on, and on, and on. But I truely am sorry and I’m about to fall asleep as a write this post. Well, the schoolyear is ALMOST over, so that will surely give me more free time. Anyway, I am REALLY sorry.


Quick Post

18 05 2008

Hey everyone, just to let you know, I have seen the party, and I have been on Club Penguin. I’ll post everything later. Thanks for your concern.