I Found Rockhopper!!!!!

28 06 2007

On the last day that Rockhopper is going to be on Club Penguin, I found him!! A penguin said “Rockhopper is out of his room! Hes on his ship!” So I went on Rockhoppers ship, and there he was! He moved around from the store of his ship, to the deck of his ship, to the Snow Forts. I took as many pictures as possible, he was only on that server for about 5 minutes. He was on the server Vanilla. I was so happy that I found him! Especially on the last day! Here are the pictures I took (White is Mcmo11, Blue is Rockhopper).

This is Rockhopper in the storage of his ship…


If you click on the 😉 on Rockhoppers playercard, you get the special gift (Eyepatch). And if you click on the house, you go to his ship…


This is Rockhopper on the Deck of his ship…


The Snow Forts was the last place he stopped. Here’s a picture of him at the Snow Forts…


Those are all the pictures I had time to take, but im still so happy that I found Rockhopper. -mcmo11




3 responses

29 06 2007


13 07 2007

u deleted the pictures! sure it saves space but now the pictures are gone!

13 07 2007

there i fixed it. i didnt delete the pictures.

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