A lot of New Things!!

6 07 2007

First, a new clothing catalog came out, and a new pin came out. But also, there were a few items hidden, and Club Penguin is flodded!

Clothing Catalog:

The cover of the new clothing catalog…


The new items in the clothing catalog…


The secret items in the new clothing catalog…

Blue cape:


Swim Goggles:


And, the viking helmets. There isn’t a gold viking helmet (again), but if you “X” off the page 3 times, the blue viking helmet will pop-up:


Thats it for the clothing catalogue.

New Pin:

The new pin is at the Dance Lounge (Above the Night Club). It’s a water droplet. Its on the plant on the left of the dance lounge.


Thats it for the new pin.

Hidden secret items around Club Penguin:

There is a mining helmet in the mine. It’s a pretty old item. You can drill with it.


Thats it for the secret items.

Club Penguin Flodded??!!??

Yeah, Club Penguin is flodded. The little crack at the pool got a little to big, and burst. So now water for the ocean is flodding Club Penguin.


Thats it for the pool flodding.

Well, today was a pretty big day for Club Penguin, and a lot of things happened. I think the water droplet pin and Club Penguin flodding is telling us something 😉 To get ready for the water party!! -mcmo11




4 responses

6 07 2007

hey looks like on my contest on bulbeys site ur neck andf neck with bulbey 1nce more!

6 07 2007


7 07 2007

i think yur in the top 3

7 07 2007


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