Rockhopper Returns and Avalanche!!!!!!!

27 07 2007

Yay!! Rockhopper came last night, and he brougt a couple of cool items with him 😉 Here they are…


Rockhopper didnt open his room yet..


And, there was an avalanche on the mountain by the Ski Lodge, and the door to the Ski Lodge is missing (possibly hints about new mission)…


Avalanche Alert at the HQ (possibly another hint!)…


So, with all of these avalanche things, I think that the new mission has something to do with an avalanche.




7 responses

27 07 2007

Did you notice that the door of the lodge is gone!
Stay cool 😎 !
Visit today!

27 07 2007

And can i be added to your blogroll

27 07 2007

I askes to be your buddy on Beanie but you didnt reply!

28 07 2007
Spade 13

Avalanch happens for 2 main reasons. 1. Loud nois vibrates the snow and there’s an avalach. 2. If the weatere is hot, parts of the snow melts and it looses its stable and there is an avalanch. I think it is # 2, and the weathere has gotten real hot, because of Global Warming. Maybe CP is trying to tell us that Global Warming is coming and if don’t do nothing, in almost 50 years, the Earth would go to the tempeture of 160.
We need to make action about this. If we don’t do anything the future we live in will be ruind.
I know I’m makeing a big speach. But I’m just saying If we do nothing about Global Warming, our future will be ruind, and it will too hot to live in.

~~~♣Spade 13♣~~~

28 07 2007
Spade 13


28 07 2007

uhh, ok?

31 07 2007

Hi Mcmo11

lol, can u put my website on yur blogroll plz.

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