New Mission!!!

7 08 2007

If you are a secret agent, then you to the HQ, and you’ll find that there is a new mission!!! And, you cant go sled racing anymore because of the avalanche. Here are some pictures…

The top of the Ski Hill is a mess now…


Sled runs closed due to avalanche…


The new mission!


Here’s how to do the new mission:

1. Talk to G and make him open the gadget room for you.

2. Get the life perserver shooter, and put it in your invatory.

3. Go to the lighthouse and get the rope.

4. Go to the Ski Lodge, and get the fishing pole.

5. Go to the Sport Shop, and take the belt off of the model penguin.

6. Go to the Ski village, and take to the penguin crying. Put the belt (that you got off of the model penguin) on the Ski Lift, and get the piece of white fur.

7. Go to the Ski Mountain, and do the Ridge Run sled race. Keep trying until you finally get down it.

8. Put the Life Perserver Shooter, and Fishing Pole, and the Rope together, and click on the part where the fence broke.

9. Get 3 of the penguins, and have them push the rock off of the ridge.

10. Get the last penguin, that was at the bottom.

11. Go to the top of Ski Moutain, and talk to G. Give him the Fur.

12. Get your medal, and your award, but you cant get the letter though, because if you do anything with it, it crubles up.





3 responses

8 08 2007

Thanx 4 the help with the new mission, I couldn’t have done it without u. No one else had the guide written up yet. THANX!!!

8 08 2007

your welcome!

8 08 2007
Spade 13

I got everybody but you as admin. It says your E-mail doesn’t match with the wordpress.
Maybe there’s another E-mail you have. The one you used for

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