Rockhoppers Coming!

14 08 2007

Hey people! If you look out of the telescope on the lighthouse beacon, youll see Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, in the distance. Rockhopper will arrive at Club Penguin on Friday. Hopefully he will bring some cool items with him 😉


And, I entered a contest at so that I could be a moderator on his WordPress, and you had to make a header. The Contest is for only Mloolm and me, Mcmo11. Anyway, here is the header that I made. I hope Bulbey likes it!


And here’s the second header that I made for the competition…






3 responses

15 08 2007

Yeah, I know I can’t wait
Please go to
If I don’t get to 500 hits, I can’t start the award!

15 08 2007

AWESOME! My guess is that he will bring back as a free item the Pirate shoes again!
P.S Check out Bulbeys new page: Mod Contest Part2 It will explain everything!

15 08 2007

Ok! Thanks!

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