20 08 2007

Hi people! Im just warning you that im not going to be on Club Penguin or on my blog as much, because school starts tomorrow, and im just going to be really busy with homework and sports and other stuff. Im not quitting, im just not going to be on as much. Ok, time for some good news. Im going to be getting a laptop of my own pretty soon, so I might be on a little more. Thanks! ~Mcmo11~




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21 08 2007
Spade 13

yeah its sad 😦 Bye Mcmo11!
I have to go to in 3 days! I’ll try to visit, but it’s not just school I have to go, I have sports and other classes, So I’ll rarly be on CP and my blog!

21 08 2007

Hi Mcmo11 Thats Bad, Owell Atleast U ai’t Quitting Lol

I go back to school on the – 4th of September,

And the Only time i have on the Computer is Just when i come back after school for about 2 hours then i do homework etc…


22 08 2007

omg school!!! tough luck i dont start till september and im geting home schooled and its only 2 hrs a day!!! whoo hoo!!1

23 08 2007

I luv this site. Can you put me on your blogroll. because everyone is really mean and they say that I need more hits. But I cant get more hits unless someone puts me on their blogroll… Plz put me on your blogroll. 😥

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