Copying Without permission…

23 08 2007

Hey people.. a lot of people have been copying my Dream Penguin business without asking OR giving me some of the credit. Here is a list of just a couple of the people that copied without permission.. (but he gave me credit after he used my idea)

And people! The Dream Penguins business is copyrighted! My whole site is copyrighted! You have to ask me before you copy anything from my site! People are saying that they made up this business, a long time after I did! It’s illegal to copy anything without permission! So just please stop copying the Dream Penguins without permission! Thank you! ~Mcmo11~ (creater of Dream Penguins)

P.S., if you know anybody else that copyied my idea without my permission, or without giving me credit, please comment here the link to their site. This could go to serious measures if to many people copy my idea. Once again, it is illigal to copy without permission!




5 responses

24 08 2007

look back at my site i gave you all the credit

24 08 2007

thank you! 😀 I am really glad that you did that!

24 08 2007
freeman777 Thats got dream penguins on

26 08 2007

dangercraver gave credit

27 08 2007


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