Sport Shop Catalog and New Pin!

31 08 2007

The new Sport Shop update is awesome! The Sport Shop has it’s own catalog now! The sporting catalog has tons of cool items in it, including some old hats that came back! The secret item in this catalog is  the Silver Surfboard. Click where the yellow numbers in the picture are to get the silver surfboard on Club Penguin. Here are all of the items in the new Sport Catalog..


It has some really cool stuff.

The new pin is in the Boiler Room. Its a baseball.


New clothing catalog next Friday! My family and I are going on a vacation over the weeked, so I wont be on Club Penguin, or my blog this weekend.  ~Mcmo11~ 😀




3 responses

31 08 2007

I know some one else that copied the dream penguins idea without your permission: Ha, I caught another copier!

1 09 2007

Yeah, but he gave me credit 😉 But thank you very very very very much for helping me out! Just be sure to look for that beforehand.

3 09 2007

Um How do u put Pictures of clubpenguin on here?I put it on Paint but now i dont know how to put it on my web And penguins go on my web (theres no www.) Well please reply on this website or mine

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