Rockhopper’s Coming!

12 09 2007

The title pretty much explains it.. Yep! Rockhopper’s coming! Even though you probably already knew this from the newspaper, it’s still exciting. Take a look!


He will arrive at Club Penguin on Friday, hopefully with come cool new cargo! ~Mcmo11~




6 responses

13 09 2007
Spade 13

I don’t care about the Cargo that much, I just want new cool items!, Like a lighthouse jumper or something like that!
Also if you don’t know what a lighthouse jumper is, it’s those pirate stripe shirts!

13 09 2007

cargo is the cool new items.

15 09 2007
Flamen Black

Hey mcmo i was wondering if i could copy one of ur pics but put From Mcmo11’s Site

15 09 2007


18 09 2007

hey mcmo i make vids and if u want to see them go to but some of them are by Dozy3000

18 09 2007

ok thanks!

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