16 09 2007

As you probably know, Bulbey is one of my oldest, best friends on Club Penguin. I don’t know if his blog got hacked or if he quit Club Penguin or he just didn’t want a blog anymore, BUT BULBEY, YOUR BLOG IS GONE! What happened? Why?  Are you quitting Club Penguin? *Ughhhh* Bulbey please tell me stuff! Because if you quit i’m going to be really sad 😥 Please respond… ~Mcmo11~




8 responses

16 09 2007
Spade 13

Holy Crap! Your right!
😥 😥
What happend Bulbey?

16 09 2007
Spade 13

😥 😥 😥

16 09 2007

I KNOW!!!!! 😥

20 09 2007

sorry guys, club penguin isnt fun at all anymore. like i look forward to updates and its fun at first and then its boring. im just wasting my time making a blog about a game that isnt fun! so i deleted it, im really sorry cuz i no you worked hard on your header and stuff for the contest but cp isnt fun and i canceled my membership too cuz its a waste of money. i dont even go on anymore. cya

21 09 2007

😥 ill miss you Bulbey. I was like, scared when you deleted your blog, because I don’t know what happend. You didn’t tell us you were quitting or anything! Will you at least get some Club Penguin sometimes, or is this the end for sure? I don’t know what to say. You were so NICE! Good-Bye old best friend on Club Penguin. Good-Bye

8 11 2007

soooo sad!! my bff on cp got deleted when someone hacked my penguin. somebody deleted ALL me buddies!! i recently saw one of my old buddies on CP but he was ignoring me!!

19 05 2008

I know EXACTLY what happend! I was actually there! I just found out that when I was on watching was the last time he would ever get on (well he still gets on, but not as much)

21 05 2008

umm.. zat doesnt make any sense
and this is a super old post!

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