Mcmo11 BANNED?

19 09 2007

I’m not banned anymore! 😀

Hello everyone, I don’t really know whats going on right now, because Mcmo11 is banned. Take a look for yourself..


You can even look on this..

I just.. I DON’T KNOW! I’m soooo mad right now. I guess i’ll see you when the ban is over.


Oh yeah, my back-up penguin is Zzzac Efron, so if you see a penguin named Zzzac Efron, its me.




3 responses

20 09 2007
Spade 13

80 Sigh,
I hate Disney, now!
Ever since Disney came to CP, there has been more Innocent banns, more hackers, and CP is messing up on other stuff!
I think Disney should just leave CP
This isn’t the Dream of Walt Disney when he wanted a park and cartoon!

20 09 2007
Spade 13

I messed up with the Smiley
ok :mrgreen:
Walt Disney got that dream, but messing up cool games has gone too far

20 09 2007

YAY! I’m unbanned now! 😀

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