Christmas Party >:(

21 12 2007

I’m VERY upset with this Christmas Party for one reason. As some of you know, my oldest item is a Santa Claus hat. And guess what came back in this Christmas party? THE SANTA HAT! That’s why i’m not happy. My oldest and most favorite item lost it’s rareness. Anyway, heres the new stuff.

Santa Hat (Snow Forts) 😡


Reindeer Antlers (Dock)..


Pin (Lodge Attic)…


On the bright side, my Christmas break started today! 13 days off of school!


(Still mad about the Santa Hat) 😡




8 responses

22 12 2007

I saw people with a red and green scrarf and i have no CLUE how to get it but my brother has it (jaz65) he said its at the ski village and i went there and it wasnt and he lloked and he said it was right pretty much in the middle of the room BUT IT WAS NOT THERE!!!

22 12 2007

my oldest item (and my favorite thing EVER) is the red bandana from rockhopper which i think was in like June or somthin.
But i usally only were it when im not a member

22 12 2007

oh yah my 3 day ban expired. and i think all the igloos htat won arent really that great. i still think my huose is a little bit better
i mad at the moderters because i wasnt deserved to get BANNED
for 3 DAYS!!!!!! oh yah im not sure if maud hart lovelace books nominees aply werever u live but have u read Drums girls and dangarous pie?And have u heard the song Tatoo by jordin sparks?
both those things perty awsome!!!!!!

22 12 2007
christmas scarf hunter

OMG U MISSED THE CHRISTMAS SCARF!!! It was back for like 2 hours then it went bye bye

22 12 2007

I luckly snagged the red and green christmas scarf when it poped up!!! 😀

22 12 2007

CP made a mistake in giving the scarfs out so they quickly took it away.
I think their going to give it out at the end of the party.

23 12 2007

yah because my brother went online and got a scarf before we went to school and then at about 5:55 it was in minnesota (i live there) my ban expired and my friend was on she got it at like 5:00 or 5:30 or something (my friend is kittys25 i showed her this website she loves it!!) and i went at like 6:00 pm and i couldnt find it they said it was at the ski village i looked there i told them to come over to the computer they looked and they said apperently its gone. 😕

23 12 2007

ok im not sure how mad u will be mcmo11 but….. i e-mailed u.
my e-mail adress is hope u can go check it out?? plz dont mad

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