28 12 2007

I’m so sorry I wasn’t at the party. Something really important came along and I had to go and do it. Anyways I’m extremely sorry. And Spade I have a question. Tomorrow is your party, correct? Well I was wondering if it could be your Birthday party and my anniversary party (because I missed mine). Thanks!

If Spade says yes, here is the party information.

When: Tomorrow (December 28, 2007)
Time: 12:00pm-12:30pm Club Penguin Time
Where: Anoush’s Igloo
Server: Ice Palace (USA)

Sorry 😥





4 responses

28 12 2007

yah i was wondering wher you were

28 12 2007

I think i can be there

28 12 2007

Sure!!! You’re party can be at mine.

Anyways I wasn’t at your party yesterday cause my internet stopped working.

28 12 2007

Thanks Spade!!! 😀

Yeah, my internet stopped for like half and hour when I downloaded iTunes.

Cya at the party!

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