New Clothing & Wig Catalog

4 05 2008

I think this new clothing catalog is actually really cool. It has a lot of secret items and a lot of new clothing items. It is a mid-evil theme. View the full catalog by clicking here.

Anyway, here are the secrets.

Crystal Staff:

Woodman’s Hat:

Cheesy Tie:

Red & Blue Viking Helmets (“X” off the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet):

Green Snorkel:

There is also a new Wig Catalog. View the full catalog by clicking here. It also has a secret wig.

The Spikette:

I think I should mention that there is a secret message hidden in the Clothing Catalog. To see it go to the last page and drag down the box that says “How do I get coins?”. You will then see an icon of a note, when you click it you get this note:

Also, here are the new upcoming events:

May 2nd:

  • New clothing catalog.
  • New wig catalog.

May 9th:

  • New pin hidden.
  • Encore of the “Twelfth Fish” stage theme.

May 23rd:

  • New furniture catalog.
  • New pet furniture catalog.
  • New pin hidden.

In other news, Spade, you can not quit. There is a chance that I may be quitting within the next month IF spade quits. Because when [and if] he quits, there will be no more penguin pals, and I will only have about 3 good buddies that still play.

Also, I would like to mention that I am 494 days old on Club Penguin, so I may have a party.





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4 05 2008

Nice Site! I’ll add you to my blog roll if you add me to yours. Please comment back at

4 05 2008

Ok thanks mcmo11 I’ll make my own pictures and posts but you helped me know where they were! 😛

4 05 2008
crazy boy5

Go to my site mcmo11. Look at the last post i did

5 05 2008

Happy cinco de mayo !!!! — even though I’m not spanish or mexican or whatever places celabrate cinco de mayo.

Wanna hear (well read) a good story of why the celebrate cinco de mayo? — made up

OK here goes:
This happened about 300 years ago! — still made up!
All of the people from mexico had loads and LOADS of mayo [or mayonase} on many ships. They go out to sea with all that mayo every year when summer turns winter and then they eat all the mayo! That’s their food supplies for winter! And one time they accidently forgot to come back to shore. They usually came back to shore in mid-march. But this time they forgot and it was the 4th of may! Some one realized it was getting warmer. Everyone looked at the calender and saw that on their calender it has been March 16th for over a month! So they quickly turned back to shore. The waves started to get stronger and it started to rain in sheets. The people on the ships were very scared. It had been a day now it was now may 5th. BOOM!
Sorry to inturupet the story but remember how they have lots of mayo? Well they usually bring WAY to much so there was still plenty of mayo left over. OK back to the story
The ships all fell over!!All the people fell out of the ships along with the mayo! Everyone was trying to catch all this mayo but it was soo hard to carry it all in their hands so they had to let it go. One boy siad after they let go “On Cinco de mayo all the mayo just went ‘Sicko de mayo.'” Everybody laughed at the joke! The storm eventually stoped and everyone swam safely to shore. They still laughed about how their mayo had gone “Sinko de mayo”
OK, so do you get the story? Well if you don’t here is how it’s weird or funny:
Becuase you know how things sink? Well all of their mayo sank when their ships tipped over. And they weren’t engilsh so they had accents. So they said “SINKo de MAYO” Amd it happened on the 5th of may which in spanish is Cinco de mayo. So you say Cinco de mayo they same way you say SINKo De mayo. So it was supposed to be funny but I don’t kare if you don’t think so. So remember “Sinko de mayo on the Cinco de mayo!

10 05 2008


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