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18 05 2008

Hey everyone, just to let you know, I have seen the party, and I have been on Club Penguin. I’ll post everything later. Thanks for your concern.





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21 05 2008

Hey Mcmo!
You know how you made a post “Ho to do a screenshot”?
That really helped!
Can you show us how to make a vid?

21 05 2008

Sure I will.. sorry I haven’t been a lot of help lately though.. you don’t even know how busy I’ve been.

22 05 2008
crazy boy5

Hey Mcmo!, I was wondering if you new how to make a picture become a link to your site?

23 05 2008
Cookies112 (counldn't log in)

Ok mcmo!

Didn’t you say you have to have Windows xp or something?

Well I have that!

Thanks a bunch!

23 05 2008

Yeah I have windows XP, and I don’t know how Crazy Boy.

25 05 2008


None of my buddies but mcmo11 davidjr97 and crazy boy ever come on club penguin!

And i got worse at puffle round up which i used to be super good at and play so many rounds

now im just bored

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