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24 05 2008

Hey everyone! I am proud to announce that my blog has broken over 25,000 hits. I am EXTRMELY sorry I haven’t been able to get on for such a long time. I’ll talk more about that later. As some of you know, the Mid-Evil party on Club Penguin has begun. Here is everything you need to know about it.

A new pin came out recently, it is an Anvil. It is in the Boiler Room (Beneath the Dance Club).

First, you have to scroll over the basin of molten metal.

Then, it will pour into a mold and cool itself to form the pin.

There are 2 free items in this party.

The first free item is a Squire Tunic. You can find it at the Dock.

The second free item is a Wizard Hat. This was one of the Free Items in the Halloween Party in 2006. You can find it in the Lighthouse.

There is also a new room. You can get into the new room by going to the Forest and going up the stairs or going up the ladder.

Also, a new furniture catalog was released recently, and it is packed with Mid-Evil themed furniture. Here are the secrets in the catalog.

Palm Tree:

Coffee Shop Tree:

Plush Gray Chair:

Inflatable Dragon:


There was also a Puffle Catalog released, and there is a secret in it. Here it is:

Grey Puffle House:

Here are the Upcoming Events in Club Penguin, according to the Club Penguin Times:

May 23:

*New furniture catalog
*New pet catalog
*Medievil Igloo Contest starts
*New pin hidden

May 29:

*Writing contest winners announced
*Igloo contest winners annouced

May 30:

*Book Room stories published

June 6:

*New clothing catalog
*New pin hidden

I think that’s about it in Club Penguin right now.

Guys, I am SO sorry that I haven’t been getting on lately. I have been extremely busy with these end-of-the-schoolyear tests, sports, graduations, friends, going outside because the weather’s getting nicer, and so many other things that I could go on, and on, and on. But I truely am sorry and I’m about to fall asleep as a write this post. Well, the schoolyear is ALMOST over, so that will surely give me more free time. Anyway, I am REALLY sorry.





13 responses

26 05 2008

my school doesent end intille june 27 😦

But i dont have any end of the year tests just field trips and partys and stuff!!!!

27 05 2008

I only have to go to school for half an hour tomorrow, then schools out [for me].

28 05 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

I Have School Until june 10th iss my last day
And Then on the 11th of June …….
FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

28 05 2008

awesome cookies!

28 05 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

i know!!!!!

idk why im not logged in

28 05 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

lol i just read the very last paragraph at the bottom.
When is your bedtime?
(in your time zone even though i think we both are in centrel)
Mine is 9:30 to 10:00 pm

which if you really need to know would be 7:30 to 8:00

Oh yeah by your home, has it even gotton over 100 degrees Farenheit?

im am SUPER bored right now because another one of MY good friends just quit!!

You probably odnt know them

Like three of my friends (not including spade) quit this last month of may and im getting mad

And I now i will only hvae 3 good friends left besides you, david, crazy boy5, and spade if he doesnt quit well ther is bacon rulez but he only saw me once so its not really considered a GOOD friend although he was nice

Wow i just noticed this was supposed to be like a short comment but it wasnt!

I hate that about myself that i keep explaining things!!!!!!!
I get it from my dad

See? i didnt need to say any of this and even this is pointless


sorry i just for some weird reason like typing


Ok this is the end lol

28 05 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

that is a retarded comment i mad wow

29 05 2008

its OKAY cookies lol.

And yes, It has gotten over 100 degrees here.
And now that school’s out, I don’t have a bedtime.

29 05 2008

hi mcmo.i get out of school June6th.

29 05 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

lol you can delete that if you want

29 05 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

OMG i think that commetn was like to long because i remeber at the very end i put “oh yeah!!!” and it doesnt even show it

31 05 2008

Hey Mcmo11!
My old blog got banned because a worker put a illlegal free membership thing on it.
My new one thought is called
Can you please vist it?
and congrats to getting 25,000 hits! 😉

1 06 2008

Mcmo11 and other peoples, go to my site and look at my new post!!

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