Water Party 2008

14 06 2008

Hey! The Water Party started Friday. I really don’t think this party is all that great. Club Penguin really needs to stop bringing back old items. It’s almost making me mad. Plus, the party is almost the exact same as it was last year. Sorry, but it’s not that impressive. Fun, yes. Anyway, here are the items, and other new things.

The yellow inflatable duck is at the cove.

The Ice Cream Apron is at the Plaza.

The Shell Necklace is the only new item at this party. You can get it at the beach.

Also, if you throw a snowball, it will be a water balloon instead.

There is also a new production at the stage named “The Penguins that Time Forgot”. Visit the stage to see it. This also means a new catalog!







7 responses

15 06 2008

can i be on your blogroll?

18 06 2008
23 06 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

IM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 06 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

Whats up with this earthquake on cp?
Well i had a wonderful time in florida which i will explain more later!!!
But it sure feels nice to be back home!
But the one bad thing is my caterpillar died 😦

26 06 2008

awesome! Glad you had fun.

27 06 2008


10 07 2008
Cookies112 - not logged on

hey guys i got some not so good news… i might quit 😥

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