Here is how to do the missions.

Case of the missing puffles:
1.Talk to Aunt Arctic.
2.Go to the Ice Rink and pick up the photos.
3.Go back to Aunt Arctic’s Igloo and give her the photos.
4.Next go to the Pet Shop and figure out the number code on the note (the code number changes every time).
5.After that go to the Sport Shop and tell the penguin named G the number.
6.He will give you access to his ‘special items cupboard’.
7.Take the life preserver shooter and go to the iceberg.
8.Save all the penguins by using the shooter.
9.After that go back to the sports shop and pick up the grappling hook.
10.Go to the ski mountain and help fix the telescope. Use the tools on your spy phone to fix it.
11.Click the telescope after fixing it then look through it to left, you will see a green puffle flying.
12.After that go to the tallest mountain, use the grappling hook to get to the top of the it.
13.You will see the puffles.
14.After you finished the mission, you will recieve your medal and letter.

G’s Secret Mission:
1.The secret word is ‘mogul’.
2.Get the new sled and go to the ski mountain.
3.Test drive the new sled. You will eventually crash.
4.When you crash you will find yourself in the wilderness. Click the rope and the Survival Guide Book and put it into your inventory.
5.Get 3 O berries and put them into your inventory.
6.You will see some puffles, Click on them and they will run away. The black one will stay. Give the black puffle an O berry and he will become your friend.
7.Near the berry bush there is a tree with a pan in. click on the tree and put the pan into your inventory.
8.Get the log near the cave and put it into your inventory.
9.There is another bush near the broken sled items. You will find a ski. Get it and put it on the rope. You will make a fishing rod. Put a berry onto the fishing rod, you will use it as bait.
10.Go to the river and click on the water using the pan.
11.After that use the fishing rod to catch a fish.
12.Go to the cave and click on the rocks, then put the log onto the empty space, then put the survival guide on the bondfire. Then give an O berry to the black puffle and it will make the fire for the bondfire.
13.Put the fish onto the fire and eat it.
14.Then put your pan-filled water onto the fire and drink it.
15.You will go to sleep and when you wake up go outside, you will meet an HQ agent and he will rescue you and take you back to the Sport Shop.
16. When you complete this mission you will recieve your letter and medal.

Case of the Missing Coins:
1. Talk to the Green Penguin.
2. Make sure you tell the penguin to close the door.
3. Go upstairs into the office and look under the couch. You will find a paperclip and a computer disk. Put them both into your inventory.
4. Go to the computer, turn it on and put the computer disk in it.
5. Click ‘My File‘ then click ‘Combination_Number’
6. Remember the 4 numbers (They change every time) and go downstairs to the gift shop.
7. Talk to the Penguin and put the combination number into the vault.
8. Talk to the Green Penguin again and your Spy Phone will ring.
9. Answer the spy phone and go into the HQ.
10. ‘G’ will tell you to watch the video. Click the screen he points at and watch the video.
11. After watching the video ‘G’ will tell you to go to the rooftops. He will open the drawers and you will collect the key which says ‘rooftops’. The right key is the first one. Put it into your inventory.
12. Go back to the office in the Gift Shop. You’ll find a door which says ‘To Roof’. Use the key to open it.
13. You will see a box which says ‘Powa Box’. Open it with the tools on your Spy Phone.
14. Go into the box and use the paper clip to turn off the power.
15. Before you go back to the Gift Shop, pick up the white fibers near the Powa Box.
16. Go back to the Vault and talk to the Penguin who should be under the pile of coins.
17. Go back to the HQ and talk to ‘G’.
18. He will tell you if you have found anything else. Tell him you have found some white fibers. Give him the fibers.
19. ‘G’ will give you another mission to get the power back on in the Night Club.
20. Before you go into the town collect the Flash light in the HQ then go to the town.
21. Talk to the crying penguin.
22. Go to the Night Club and use the Flash Light or Night-vision goggles to see your way through into the Boiler Room.
23. When you enter the boiler room, find the fuse box.
24. Try to complete the puzzle by making all the buttons the same color (The fuse puzzle changes every time)
25. Go back to the HQ and talk to ‘G’ then you will recieve your Medal and your Thank You card.

Avalanche Alert:
1. Talk to G and make him open the gadget room for you.
2. Get the life perserver shooter, and put it in your invatory.
3. Go to the lighthouse and get the rope.
4. Go to the Ski Lodge, and get the fishing pole.
5. Go to the Sport Shop, and take the belt off of the model penguin.
6. Go to the Ski village, and take to the penguin crying. Put the belt (that you got off of the model penguin) on the Ski Lift, and get the piece of white fur.
7. Go to the Ski Mountain, and do the Ridge Run sled race. Keep trying until you finally get down it.
8. Put the Life Perserver Shooter, and Fishing Pole, and the Rope together, and click on the part where the fence broke.
9. Get 3 of the penguins, and have them push the rock off of the ridge.
10. Get the last penguin, that was at the bottom.
11. Go to the top of Ski Moutain, and talk to G. Give him the Fur.
12. Get your medal, and your award, but you cant get the letter though, because if you do anything with it, it crubles up.


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