500 Day Birthday!

7 05 2008

Resceduled to: Today (Saturday, May 10), Same time, same place, server Frozen!

Everyone is invited to my 500 day birthday party. At the moment (May 6), I am 497 days old on Club Penguin. This is a pretty big deal [to me], so I decided to have a party. Here is the invitation.

I really hope to see you there, and if think you are FOR SURE coming, then please comment. Sorry this is so sudden! Also, Spade, don’t quit.



New Clothing & Wig Catalog

4 05 2008

I think this new clothing catalog is actually really cool. It has a lot of secret items and a lot of new clothing items. It is a mid-evil theme. View the full catalog by clicking here.

Anyway, here are the secrets.

Crystal Staff:

Woodman’s Hat:

Cheesy Tie:

Red & Blue Viking Helmets (“X” off the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet):

Green Snorkel:

There is also a new Wig Catalog. View the full catalog by clicking here. It also has a secret wig.

The Spikette:

I think I should mention that there is a secret message hidden in the Clothing Catalog. To see it go to the last page and drag down the box that says “How do I get coins?”. You will then see an icon of a note, when you click it you get this note:

Also, here are the new upcoming events:

May 2nd:

  • New clothing catalog.
  • New wig catalog.

May 9th:

  • New pin hidden.
  • Encore of the “Twelfth Fish” stage theme.

May 23rd:

  • New furniture catalog.
  • New pet furniture catalog.
  • New pin hidden.

In other news, Spade, you can not quit. There is a chance that I may be quitting within the next month IF spade quits. Because when [and if] he quits, there will be no more penguin pals, and I will only have about 3 good buddies that still play.

Also, I would like to mention that I am 494 days old on Club Penguin, so I may have a party.


Rockhopper’s Private Quarters!

28 04 2008

Rockhopper has finally opened his Private Quarters to the public. The key to get into Rockhopper’s Private Quarters is in the Book Room. Go to the book library and to Rockhopper’s Journal. Go to the very last page in his journal and there you will find the key.

Then, just go to the storage [bottom level] of Rockhopper’s ship and click on the door!

The key is also the new pin.


Pirate Party!

26 04 2008

The Pirate Party started on Friday, and Rockhopper is now on the Club Penguin. As it turns out, I was right! Rockhopper is going to let us into is Private Quarters! Anyway, here is the new item and the new pin.

The item is a Sailor Hat and it’s at the Plaza. And I think that it’s world saying that this was the same item that was at last year’s Pirate Party.

The new Pin is at the Ski Village. Click on the “X” for the pin to be dug up.

Rockhopper also brought some items, you can get them at the beach.
Click here to see the new Pirate Catalog.


Mission 7

23 04 2008

Here is a tutorial on how to finish Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs..

I have been SO busy lately. Sorry I haven’t been getting on Club Penguin, and on here, as much.


New Pin / Stage Updated / Rockhopper’s Ship Completed

12 04 2008

A new pin came out and it is a pyramid. It is located in the book room.

You may think, why a pyramid? Well, it goes along with the new Stage theme pretty well. It’s kind of like an Indiana Jones theme. There is a new catalog as well.

Also, Rockhopper’s ship has been completed. All we need to do now is comtact him. Go to the beach and click on this machine to help contact him:

I think that Rockhopper will let us into his Quarters for a reward.

Now for some smaller things.

There is a new newspaper and here are the Upcoming events:

April 11th:

  • New play at the stage
  • New pin hidden
  • Rockhopper’s Journal

April 18th:

  • New furniture catalog

April 25th:

  • New sports catalog
  • New pin hidden

You can also see and read a copy of Rockhopper’s Journal at the Book Room

And if you look in the newspaper, you see that Gary the Gadget Guy has a note in his pocket. Click on it, and it will bring up a message that you have to decode, here is what it says:

“To unlock this file, turn all puffles black.”

So turn all of the puffles black, and here is the message that will pop up:

Attention Agent:

We received a phone call from Herbert. Below is a transcript of what he said.

We are looking into it. Be on alert. Hello my fine feathered friend, I hope you have not forgotten about me. I wanted to send you a special message, to show that I have not forgotten about you. Get ready, dear friend, because “time” is about to run out.

Sincerely, Herbert P. Bear Esq.

Here is a Mission 7 sneek peek.


New Catalog

6 04 2008

A new clothing catalog came out Friday and here are the secrets in it.

Cheese Tie:

Red & Blue Viking Helmets (‘X’ off 4 times to get Blue):

Green Snorkel:

Also, Aqua Grabber has been updated! The new object of the game is to get the Treasuse Chest at the very bottom. You can take your pink puffle along and it will help you out! It will blow bubbles if you are sinking and do a lot of other stuff to help you out. Also, it gets you more coins if you collect the pearls located inside the oysters. They fall alseep and open their mouths so you can catch them. Watch out for fish!

Here are the upcoming events according to the newspaper:

April 4th:

  • New Clothing Catalog

April 7th:

  • Aqua Grabber update

April 11th:

  • New play at the stage
  • New pin hidden

April 18th:

  • New furniture catalog


PS, the Migrator has been completed, it just needs cleaned and it will be good as new!